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DAST International, Inc. is a non-profit organization created to help qualified candidates (no insurance or the financial means) receive hip resurfacing surgery with a participating surgeon for a greatly reduced or discounted price.

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According to a dictionary of Urdu, classical Hindi and English, "dast" is the, "ability, power, means; aid, assistance; facility; dexterity, skill; acquisition, attainment.

DAST International thanks all five surgeons and their staff for providing their services at no charge. Several hospitals are also providing services either at no cost or at a discounted rate. The generosity of the doctors, their staff and the hospitals is greatly appreciated and will help qualified...

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Announcing our 8th Candidate

DAST International, Inc. has selected it’s 8th candidate for hipresurfacing. John Samuel surgery is scheduled for a BHR with Dr.Vijay Bose on November 10, 2011. Here is his story.

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